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Council begins roll-out of new electricity meters 

Norfolk Island is transitioning to renewable energy solutions, using solar and batteries to help with lowering the cost of electricity for all residents.  As part of this process, every electricity meter must be replaced with a new meter.  In September 2023, a Council contractor will begin replacing meters in Burnt Pine and will gradually work around the island. A map of the island with an overlay showing the intended timeframes for meter replacements by geographic areas is under development and will be provided soon. 

When a meter is replaced, customers will be without power for a short period of time – typically less than two hours. Council’s contractor will be notifying residents as the electricians move around the island, and electricians will be seen working in the streets in the neighbourhoods.  

Once a new meter is installed, the corresponding customer electricity account will be transitioned to a new billing system. Bills generated from the new system will reflect the gazetted electricity tariffs. For all customers, lower tariffs will apply whenever the island’s diesel generators can be turned off. Electricity tariffs will be cheapest when the island has lots of solar energy being produced.  

As part of the transition to renewable energy, Council is encouraging residents to invest in solar and battery solutions.  A subsidy on residential battery installations is available from approved providers.  Please contact us for more information.

Council knows that any electricity service disruption is an inconvenience and appreciates the community’s cooperation and understanding while this important project is delivered. 

For further information and updates related to the project, please visit: 

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The Green Energy Solution

As the world moves towards a clean-energy future, BESY gives electricity users the power to make smart decisions about their energy use, delivering real price relief and encouraging greater use of renewable energy. 

BESY is backed by a team of engineers and industry professionals who are passionate about the long term energy-future for remote communities. They achieve this by implementing bespoke solutions to ensure consumers have access to renewable energy and cheaper electricity.

BESY is a registered National Electricity Market participant, is authorised to retail electricity by the Australian Energy Regulator, and is a Clean Energy Council Authorised Solar Retailer.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about BESY

How do I organise electricity connection or disconnection?

If you are moving to Norfolk Island or moving house on Norfolk Island, we can help you connect your new electricity connection and disconnect your existing power supply. Simply email your requirements to connect@besy.energy quoting your customer account number (if you have one) and providing details of the relevant addresses and timings.

If you are planning to demolish, relocate a building or need a temporary power supply, please contact NIRC Customer Care on customercare@nirc.gov.nf or freecall Local 0100 and International callers +672 3 53653. 

How do I update my details?
You can update your mobile phone number, email, address and payment details via My Account. ‍ Please update the following details by emailing connect@besy.energy :
  • Life support equipment
  • Meter access issues
  • Concession or Rebate Card
  • Organising your move
  • Change the name on your account
  • Any other item
You’ll need your customer account number handy, which can be found in the top right hand corner of your bill.  You can find out your current account balance any time by:
  • Logging into My Account
  • By contacting NIRC Customer Care on customercare@nirc.gov.nf or Freecall Local 0100 and International callers +672 3 53653.  Alternatively you can contact Besy Energy Live Chat which operates Monday to Friday 9am to 5:00pm Eastern Australian Standard Time or Freecall 1300 25 25 04.
What payment methods do you offer?
BESY Energy provides the following payment methods:
  • Direct debit – You can find this application form in My Account or contact NIRC Customer Care for a copy.
  • BPay – Please Note: New details are on your bill
  • Pay by cash or card in person or by phoning NIRC Customer Care Freecall Local 0100 and International callers +672 3 53653.
  • Credit Card Payment through Pay Now in My Account
Why am I getting charges from BESY Energy?
BESY Energy has been engaged by NI Electricity to support it transition more renewable energy and lower tariffs. Going forward you will see a charge on your bank statement from BESY Energy for your electricity usage On electricity bill you will see your Norfolk Regional Council logo, powered by BESY Energy. If you have any further questions please chat with us through our website chat button here, by emailing connect@besy.energy or calling 1300 25 25 04 during 9am to 5:00pm Eastern Australian Standard Time.
Is there a credit card or debit card surcharge?
No, there are no Credit Card or Debit Card surcharges for Norfolk Island residents.
I am a concession card holder, how do I claim my concession?
Concession holders can email a copy of their concession card plus 1 form of photo ID to connect@besy.energy so we can ensure you are eligible to claim concessions.
Can I order Solar Storage systems with BESY Energy?
We believe in a clean energy future and will be delivering an integrated solution including solar and battery to enable you become more energy independent. Please use the Solar System Calculator on the Besy Energy website as a guide. BESY Energy will be introducing Energy Storage Solutions in the later part of 2022. Please register your interest by filling in your details through the Register of Interest on the BESY Energy website and the team at BESY will be in contact.
How will my personal account information be used?
You can find out more about our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of use of our website by clicking on the links.
When will I receive Solar Credits?
The decision of value regarding solar credits pre 2011 is under review. Customers will be informed on Council’s approach in due course.
Who owns the electricity meters on Norfolk Island?
All electricity meters are owned by Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC).
Who is involved in the meter implementation?
NIRC appointed Incite Energy to support the transition to renewables. Incite Energy owns BESY, which provides the billing and battery management technology being used to transition Norfolk Island. Gardel Electrical is installing the meters and will be using available local support as required.
Can I opt out of having my meter replaced?
No. Replacing you meter is the only way NIRC can apply the lower tariffs to your electricity bill.
Can I determine when my meter will be replaced?
Generally not, as the electricians will be working systematically along each street to minimise the time and cost of installation.
How long will the meter replacement process take?
We expect all meters to be replaced within six months. This timeframe allows the electricians to also be available to install solar and battery solutions for residents.
How do the meters work?
The new meters will record your total consumption (or production) each half hour. This data is then sent nightly to the billing system using the island’s 4G cellular network.
Will there be grants and/or government subsidies for solar and batteries for residents?
Yes. Small technology certificates from the Commonwealth government are applicable to solar installations on Norfolk Island. NIRC is also subsidising the cost of residential batteries based on the community benefit that they provide (e.g.: reduced network augmentation and more solar, less diesel consumption).
How do I contact BESY Energy?
Talk to us via our Website Live Chat during business hours below, or freecall 1300 25 25 04 or email connect@besy.energy Opening Hours: Mon-Fri : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Australian Standard Time Address: BESY Energy, L6 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane 4000

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