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The BESY Energy Platform is designed to aid the energy transition towards distributed and renewable energy sources. It helps communities, whether grid connected or islanded, maximise the use of Consumer Energy Resources on the available existing electricity network.

The BESY Energy Platform

  • Integrates community owned infrastructure such as local solar generation and battery storage
  • Integrates Consumer Energy Resources such as residential batteries, electric vehicles and pool pumps
  • Allows asset owners to control their devices, empowering local decision making.
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or islanded solutions
solutions for towns, suburbs, communities, etc.
Grid based
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Demonstrated Islanded Solution

The BESY Energy Platform is being used by residents on Norfolk Island to manage their energy resources in response to the dynamic electricity tariffs. The tariffs are highest when the diesel generators are operating, and lowest when solar energy is abundant. Residents program at what tariff batteries and electric vehicles respond, while also adjusting their behaviour. BESY provides residents with electricity bills and access to their consumption data, while Incite Energy also supports the operation of the central power station and network, and the installation of new solar and battery solutions.

As of December 2023, renewable energy penetration had doubled, and 7% of residents had installed solar and battery solutions with the BESY Energy Platform. The diesel generators are being turned off most days, with a record duration of 11 hours being achieved. Most importantly, the benefit of the energy transition is being felt by all residents with the application of lower average tariffs.

As a local Government, network companies or other community-based organisation, let us bring the solutions you need
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Secure and reliable electricity supply
The implementation of the BESY Energy Platform is supported by the Incite Energy’s engineering team, with all system changes designed to support or improve system reliability and security.
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Delivery on renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction targets
Local Governments are at the forefront of the energy transition. The BESY Energy Platform allows quantified renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction goal to be directly linked to actions and investments by both governments and their communities.
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Integration of distributed and Consumer Energy Resources and the enablement of electrify everything
Distributed energy resources, whether network or consumer owned, can be orchestrated by the BESY Energy Platform to maximise the use and availability of renewable energy for local use.
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Reduce electricity costs
The BESY Energy Platform rewards investment in new generation, energy storage technologies, and demand-side initiatives, while also delivering the cost savings from the energy transition to all members of a community

For both off-grid and grid-based solutions, Incite Energy undertake network and optimization modelling using our proprietary Minerva software package in combination with off-the-shelf software packages. This provides the base information into which Customer Energy Resources and new renewable energy and energy storage devices can be added.

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As the world moves towards a clean-energy future, BESY empowers electricity consumers to make smart decisions about their energy use, ​ delivering real price relief and encouraging greater use of renewable energy.

Take control of your energy

If you would like to know more about how the BESY Energy Platform can be used to benefit your community, register your interest here.

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