Better Energy Savings for You

Is it better to turn your dishwasher on at 6pm, or 8pm? How about your pool pump timer? Besy will tell you.

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Your home's electricity, in your hands.

With BESY, you can see when your home's electricity is at its cheapest, and its peak. You can also monitor when your supplier is using renewable energy sources, so you can too.

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See your home's energy prices in real-time, and in the future, use BESY to save automatically.
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Know when your electricity provider is using renewables to make smarter energy choices.
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Help your suburb prepare for electric vehicles as BESY can monitor new power loads.

The future of energy awareness

Here's how BESY works

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Compare your home's electricity prices and trends, all in real-time.
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Take Control

Turn on your home's devices when it's cheapest and greenest.

About BESY

BESY is an industry-led initiative of EPC Technologies. We're a team of engineers and industry professionals, who care about Australia's energy future, and preparing our networks for high-demand electrical devices, like electric cars. EPC Technologies is registered as a market participant with the Australian Energy Market Operator and as a Clean Energy Council

Authorised Solar Retailer. It is a renewable energy generator. We have created BESY for Australians who care about making smarter energy choices. Along the way we are grateful for the grant funding received from the Queensland State Government and the entrepreneurs program of the Federal Government.

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